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The  meritous  textual domain

This page is about the translation of the messages for the meritous textual domain. More information about the package can be found here:

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Project site

If you've found a translation mistake in one of the messages of meritous, please report it to the email address that is given on the relevant language page.

The maintainer does not require any special papers prior to accepting translations.

The current template for this domain is meritous-1.5.pot.

The following URL may help translators that need a finer context in order to make their translation. Be aware that the indicated package could be just a pre-release, and might not even compile:

The following table lists (under Version) all the PO files that are available for this domain:

Language Code Package version Last translator Translated
Brazilian Portuguese pt_BR 1.5 Rafael Fontenelle 164 / 164
Danish da 1.5 Joe Hansen 164 / 164
Esperanto eo 1.5 Felipe Castro 164 / 164
French fr 1.5 Stéphane Aulery 102 / 164
Romanian ro 1.5 Remus-Gabriel Chelu 164 / 164
Serbian sr 1.5 Мирослав Николић 164 / 164
Swedish sv 1.5 Sebastian Rasmussen 164 / 164