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The  psmisc-man  textual domain

This page is about the translation of the messages for the psmisc-man textual domain. More information about the package can be found here:

Topic URL
Project site

If you've found a translation mistake in one of the messages of psmisc-man, please report it to the email address that is given on the relevant language page.

The maintainer of this package requires that a disclaimer be filled out and sent to the Free Software Foundation before accepting a PO file from the translator.

The current template for this domain is psmisc-man-23.4rc1.pot.

The following URL may help translators that need a finer context in order to make their translation. Be aware that the indicated package could be just a pre-release, and might not even compile:

The following table lists (under Version) all the PO files that are available for this domain:

Language Code Package version Last translator Translated
Brazilian Portuguese pt_BR 23.4rc1 Rafael Fontenelle 238 / 238
Croatian hr 23.4rc1 Božidar Putanec 238 / 238
French fr 23.4rc1 Frédéric Marchal 238 / 238
German de 23.4rc1 Mario Blättermann 238 / 238
Russian ru 23.4rc1 Yuri Kozlov 238 / 238
Serbian sr 23.4rc1 Мирослав Николић 238 / 238
Ukrainian uk 23.4rc1 Yuri Chornoivan 238 / 238